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About Us

     St. Scrubs was founded during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to give support to the frontline workers in their hour of need. Our name, St. Scrubs, draws inspiration from the very men and women we see as modern day saints. we know how important these men and women are, and in their time of need, we pledged to be their support system in any way we can. So, as regular retail stores continued to close and freight logistics grew more sporadic, St. Scrubs built dedicated services to directly supply high quality medical scrubs to frontline heroes.

     As the crisis has subsides, we now see that, even in the best times, there are limited solutions for our "saints". this is where St. Scrubs has built a unique niche in the market. We are direct-to-consumer/direct-to-facility medical garment company focusing on building apparel with the highest quality fabrics to meet the demands of the medical and service community. Each garment is built to be both fashionable and functional, focusing on the comfort, mobility, and functional use of the wearer. Unlike other brands and resellers, St. Scrubs is dedicated to making the purchase, branding, and support as simple as possible. Our onsite events, group sales, and personalized website listings make outfitting one person or hundreds of people personal, professional, and most of all, easy.We know our clients are extraordinary people and that is why we started St. Scrubs.



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to share our brand with the community. Let's connect.


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